Live like a Parisian! Book a furnished apartment in Paris from experienced professionals who are able meet all your needs. RentParis since 1999.


Do you currently own a nice apartment in Paris and wish to make your property more profitable in complete safety? Call us at +33 (0) 6 68 46 68 05 to inquire whether Rent Paris can help you achieve your goals.  

Here are 8 good reasons to have manage the rental of your property.

1. Easy – Make just one simple phone call to Rent Paris at +33 (0) 6 68 46 68 05 and we’ll do the rest.  We visit your apartment, assess its market potential, arrange to get photographs taken, and an apartment description is written up for your review and approval.  We post your apartment listing on our own website and several others, and on your behalf we manage all enquiries, schedule bookings, process payments, let clients into your unit, and help clean up for the next client after they leave.  Because we know the tourist rental sector perfectly, we will advise you on how to make the most of your property!

2. Flexible - You want to use your apartment yourself or for your friends? This is not a problem! By accessing a custom interface on our website, you can "block" periods that you wish to book for your own use.

3. Effective - With, your property is visible at the heart of Parisian tourism. Through our communication campaigns, SEO and partnership visibility, you can multiply your chances of seeing your apartment occupied by paying customers for as much of the year as you might prefer.

4. Secure - RentParis has estate agency status. For this reason we have a professional card issued by the prefectural authority, a financial guarantee and special insurance. Our remuneration is commission-based only when we rent your property.

5. Convenient -The agency handles absolutely everything: welcoming tenants, collection of payments, inventory ... we ensure the comfort of the tenants but also respect and monitor their obligations!

6. Differentiated – To improve the attractiveness of your property, Rent Paris augments its value by offering our own uniquely personalized services (meeting customers at your door, providing them with personalized tips and guidance around the neighborhood, and more).

7. International & Multi-lingual – To encourage clientele from abroad – and particularly from North and South America – apartment listings may be viewed today on the Internet in French, English, Spanish, and Portuguese, with additional languages coming soon.  This is the perfect way to put your vacation rental property within reach of high-quality tourists from around the world… all managed for you in a safe and efficient system. 

8. Profitable - A furnished tourist rental property in Paris offers the best return on investment property. However, it must comply with administrative requirements and find as many tenants as possible. Rent Paris has been accomplishing this for its satisfied apartment owners for over a decade!


Rent Paris welcomes enquiries.  Contact us today to learn more:

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